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About us


Harney Sushi cultivated their following of avid sushi lovers at their Old Town savory sushi bar over the past twelve years. Even as a “fish out of water” in the predominantly Mexican-influenced Old Town, San Diego, Harney Sushi has created a reputation for quality inventive rolls topped with a hip and trendy environment. In 2008 Harney took their hot spot model to Northern San Diego County and opened a sister restaurant at the up-and-coming Oceanside Pier neighborhood. At the end of 2011 Harney Sushi decided to up the ante and challenge the traditional culture of sushi by introducing a sustainable seafood menu, becoming the first sustainable sushi restaurant in San Diego and one of only a handful in the nation.


Harney Sushi provides music for your mouth and sushi for your soul. Harney Sushi is Oceanside’s premier sushi bar and restaurant experience. This is a place where experimentation mixes with celebration, where fine dining service and knowledge fuses with beaming personality and style. Besides having San Diego’s only sake bar, we boast more than 50 award winning wines, 40 of the world’s best sakes, a private VIP booth and over 35 gourmet specialty rolls named and created by Harney loyalists. Embracing the principles of community, great times and uncompromising quality allow for a truly genuine dining experience.


We strive to maintain ecological integrity at Harney Sushi.

We have chosen the path less taken and are doing our best to abstain from the use of over-fished and environmentally harmful ingredients. As a result, our menu does not offer traditional sushi ingredients such as Toro, Bluefin Tuna, certain Yellowfin, Unagi (eel), Hamachi, Maine Sea Urchin, and Octopus. With this new ethos, Harney Sushi appeals to the growing population of sushi lovers who care enough about our planet to change the way they eat; they realize that consumerism, along with the public zeal for exotic seafood, is sucking the breath out of our oceans. Together, with our enlightened customers, we strive to eat in such a way that is nourishing for our bodies, our planet, and our souls.